Related to setting up a Gaon Emergency Alert Page and resolving HTTP 500 due to DB connection errors

Hello, I'm an administrator.

HTTP 500 error occurred because DB connection was not connected for about 2 days from 11th to 12th.

Due to this, the connection itself was not made.


It's been resolved at the moment...

I ask for your understanding.


To inform you about this kind of service failure, we have launched the Gaon Emergency Alert Page (https://emergency.gaon.xyz).

The site is operating on a different server than the server on which the service is being serviced. Therefore, service errors are not affected.

If there's an error and you can't access it, I'll let you know through here.

Also, I'll let you know the real-time progress.


I will become a manager who works harder with your understanding.

Thank you.

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