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Personal name Nickname/ID issubject to sanctions!


Hello. This is Manager who manage this site.


There used to be a case of manager impersonation. (Not this site.) Click to More Info


This is why we inform you that we will impose sanctions on the user of the private name.


Examples of false pronunciations are:


  1. Meaning not much different from the original nickname
  2. Adding characters to the original nickname (i.e. admin - adminind)
  3. If it is judged to be another false name


We will impose sanctions as soon as we identify a false name.


If it is a nickname, it will be changed to any nickname.
In case of ID and email, I will not be able to make changes.
In other cases, we will take care of it after discussion.
I hope you understand a lot.


If you are an administrator separately, you have set up the image with the letter [관] in front of the nickname.

The user of the sanction is set to display the [X] characters.

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