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Information on improvement of connection delay due to lack of memory, etc.


The number of viewers has increased recently.

I'm just grateful.

Due to the increase in the number of users + the number of search engine bots, the connection is delayed due to the lack of memory even though it is located in a geographically close Seoul server.

Connection delay is an important improvement in the 2020-2021 improvement project, and we are considering expanding memory to solve this part.

I think the work will be done next Saturday. I will try my best to avoid any inconvenience.

Second, there are some bugs after the login link (

If you are logged in to the Gaon Wiki community first and attempt to log in from Gaon Wiki, you will only go to the main page of the Wiki community and there will be no response from there.

To improve this, we will do the following.

1. If you log in to the wiki community first, make sure that wiki is also logged in.

2. Block exclusive Registration/Login on wiki

Please look forward to this improvement and support us. Thank you!

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