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2020-2021 Improvement Project Plans

Hello! I am a admin.

2020-2021 Improvement Project is still going on.

If you have some problems, please contact me to improve problems.

 I'm introducing project's plan.

Project has 3 subject.

* Function Improvement

* Fix Bugs

* Speed Up Sites

First, Function Improvement.

If you've spotted the inconvenience or Is there anything you want to have like function?

Function Improvement is a subject that solves these things.

These things come together to make a more comfortable Gaonwiki!

(Fix Worng translation is included.)

Second, Fix bugs.

 The Sites administrator or developer is trying to exterminate bugs.

The bugs can't get rid of the documents you were writing.

 That's good. Give me a tip!

(e.g., part of the screen breaks when connected...)

Finally, Speed Up Sites.

 How do you feel if you are slow to access the site?

You will feel uncomfortable. I know that feeling more than anyone else, so I will try to speed up the website.

The current location of the server is in Seoul (Korea). Therefore, you can access comfortably when you connect from Korea, but it can be slow when you connect from abroad.

Therefore, I will try not to be slow overseas by installing CDN.

If you are slow to access a particular page, please report!

Your Reports will change the GaonWiki's future.

Thank you!

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